Pecorino, Umani Ronchi

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The Abruzzo region of Italy has always been known for sheep and agriculture. The connection between these two regional industries is so strong that eventually a grape varietal was named "Pecorino" or the "grape of the sheep". Known for its aromatic concentration and marked acidity, Pecorino is a low-yielding grape, which nearly led to its disappearance, but fortunately it has been recently re-disicovered. Umani Ronchi's Pecorino project started in 2005 to revitalize various Adriatic-native varietals, as well as to strengthen the winery's offering from Abruzzi. Bright with a straw yellow color, this 100% Pecorino presents intense aromas of fruit and flowers, with very clear and persistent mineral notes. On the palate it shows good structure and pleasant freshness