About Us

Vino Vin is a boutique style family owned wine shop. Our family at Vino Vin brings you the best value in estate bottled wines that you could possibly imagine, with pride and service that only comes from a family operation. Vino Vin believes that smaller, family owned vineyards, paired with a family run regional distributor, fit perfectly with the value and experience we deliver.

When you share a bottle of our wine with your family and friends, whether at a Sunday family gathering or a special occasion, you are completing an unforgettable experience that started with a family picking grapes on a hillside in Italy and ended with the laughter of those you hold most dear.

Please give us a try, ask us questions about food pairings, wine sustainability, how it is made or from where it is produced. Let us show you that every time a bottle of wine is opened, it will become an unforgettable experience.