Champagne or Champenoise?

Champagne is from Champagne, France while Method Champenoise is a wine that follows the winemaking methods of the bubbly beverage from that region.  The Gruet family originated from Champagne, France for seven generations.  Their founder, Gilbert Gruet planted the first grapes in Bethon (Marne), which is now renowned for its excellent Chardonnay. Gruet began in the 1950s producing only 5000 bottles per year.  While the number has increased substantially today, the fervor for making excellent wine has not diminished.  

After their success through the end of the 1970s, the family had an interest in expanding their wine making operations.  Unfortunately, there was not room to expand in France.  During their travels in the Southwest United States, however, they learned that there were vineyards in New Mexico dating back to the 17th century.  After considerable research into the climate, soil, and growing conditions of the vineyard they opened up their winery in New Mexico, beginning in 1981.  It took Laurent Gruet and Farid Himeur three years to ready their first harvest, and in 1984, they began to release their wine.  “When I tell you that a winery in New Mexico makes terrific sparkling wine, you might say, “you gotta be kidding.” I’m not. And neither are they.

While New Mexico may not be the first place you think of when thinking of incredible sparkling wine, it is nothing short of phenomenal. Gruet winery is the real deal-  their wine is among the top ranking sparkling wine in the country and offers unparalleled value in terms of the price and quality.  In short, if you're drinking Champagne this season, you'll want to consider Gruet.  


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