California AVA, Dry Creek Valley

The holidays are coming closer, and we've been talking a lot about which wines are the best for this time of year. While the absolute BEST wine is always the one you enjoy the most, one of our favorites for the holidays is Zinfandel.  

Dry Creek Valley is one of the best-known regions for Zinfandel in the United States. Dry Creek Valley began cultivating grape vines over 100 years ago, easily making it one of the oldest grape growing regions in California. Dry Creek Valley attracted settlers shortly after the gold rush in 1849. Around the 1880's the valley had several wineries, the majority of which planted Zinfandel for which Dry Creek is best known. Prohibition nearly put an end to grape growing in the region, and in 1933, there were only two vineyards left.  For nearly forty years, the mainstays of the valley became pears and prunes until 1970 when the California wine revival began. There was a dramaticexpansion of vineyards and wineries all across the valley cultivating in 1983 with Dry Creek Valley becoming one of the first California wine regions recognized as an American Viticultural Area.  

Zinfandel from Dry Creek Valley is known for its juicy character, with bright fruit, balanced acidity, and notes of blackberry, anise, and spice.  Zinfandel from this region will pair beautifully with just about any holiday dish whether it be ham, duck or beef.  The versatility here makes it a sure fire wine for any holiday gathering you might attend, virtually guaranteeing that it will go over well.

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