New World and Old World Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is an incredibly popular wine made famous by producers in northern Italy’s Alto Adige, however it’s origins can be traced to Burgundy, France where it is known as Pinot Gris.  While Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris are the same grape they make two distinctly different wines due to different terroir and winemaking practices.  Wines under both labels are increasingly popular here in the United States as well, particularly in Washington and Oregon.  For this comparison I have chosen two wines labeled as Pinot Grigio, one from Alto Adige Italy, and the other from Washington State.  

San Pietro Pinot Grigio from Alto Adige is a stylish Pinot Grigio done in a taut and focused style.  This is a classic Italian Pinot Grigio with nice stone fruit on the nose and palate and refreshing acidity on the finish. The medium body and dry aspect of the wine enables it to pair well with light seafood and chicken dishes.  

Vino Pinot Grigio from Charles Smith wines comes to us from the Columbia Valley of Washington State.  This is a terroir driven wine with beautiful minerality.  Aromas of fresh cut hay orange blossom and honeysuckle are present, and repeat again on the palate.  The finish is dry and long filled with minerality again showcasing the terroir.  

Both wines are wonderful in their own way, for they both focus on the terroir of their specific region. Each wine brings you different flavors, that originate from that specific terroir.  Pick which suits you best and enjoy.  

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