California Pinot Noir

Burgundy, France is the birthplace of Pinot Noir,  Willamette Valley Oregon is home some of the best Pinot Noir's from the United States, However the Sonoma Coast of California is producing some outstanding Pinot Noir's as well.  The warm days and cool nights along with the cooling fog makes the Sonoma Coast a great environment for these fickle grapes.  The great thing about the Sonoma Coast s that it is a vast wine growing region that enables certain producers to make inexpensive, quality wines, and others to make single estate vineyard wines that can be quite expensive.  

My favorite inexpensive Sonoma County Pinot Noir is The Pinot Project.  This amazing value Pinot Noir was a creation of Michael Skurnik, famed importer, and distributor of fine wines in the tri-state area.  With his extensive knowledge and numerous connections he set out to create an affordable California Pinot Noir that truly expresses what California Pinot is supposed to be, and boy did he hit the nail on the head.  This 100% Pinot is delicious with cherry notes on the nose and on the palate, with just a hint of oak thru the mid-palate.  The finish is crisp with a hint of Asian spice and refreshing acidity.  If you want to experience a true California Pinot without breaking the bank you gotta try this one.

Expensive wines from the Sonoma Coast are plentiful, Wind Gap Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir stands out as an exceptional value.  This fantastic wine is 100% Pinot Noir blended from Wind Gap’s three family owned vineyards, a great deal of attention goes into their single vineyard designates however this blend created a special wine.  The wine is a pretty garnet color with a bouquet of sweet red cherry, tangerine and a touch of earth.  On the palate there is vibrant red fruit and a certain silkiness, the finish is smooth with nice acidity and elegant tannins.  I could drink this wine everyday and never get tired of it.  

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