Velvet Devil Merlot

A catchy name and a cool label are good ways to sell wine, unfortunately the juice inside doesn’t always make it a good buy.  With The Velvet Devil you don’t have to worry, the juice backs up all the cool packaging.  

The Velvet Devil is a great Merlot from Charles Smith Wines.  This 99% Merlot 1% Cabernet Sauvignon blend is sourced from four different vineyards in the Columbia Valley of Washington State.  The unique terroir of these vineyards and Charles Smith’s amazing winemaking skills, especially at blending grapes from different vineyards to showcase their good qualities, make The Velvet Devil a fantastic wine and a great value coming in under $15.  

The Velvet Devil is a beautiful red violet color with a blend of ripe red fruit and floral quality on the nose.  The palate is full of flavor with bing cherry being at the forefront and a touch of tobacco following.  The finish has a touch of acidity, and being true to its name, velvety tannins.  This is a complex, well balanced and smooth drinking wine, it pairs well with roasted pork dishes, (what I had with it) as well as a grilled steak.  

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