Wine Headaches

We recently received questions from some of our clients on "which wines are best to avoid headaches," we dug into the topic and wanted to put a post up about it here.  

Using an article from Wine Folly, we went over three myths and common causes of headaches from red wine.  Please always remember that health is always the sum of its parts, so the reality is that the wine on its own is not the cause but merely a piece of the cause.  

Myth 1: Sulfites
Histamines, not sulfites, are a probable cause for headache sufferers as histamines can cause inflammation, which in turn can lead to a headache.  As with any research, further corroboration is needed to definitively prove this as a "fact," but it is a well supported hypothesis.

Myth 2: Tannins
Tannins have been cited by some to cause irritation.  The true culprit however is likely an increase in Tyramine levels; Tyramine is an enzyme present in many foods and beverages, and has been known to cause symptoms in migraine sufferers.  There is also evidence to suggest that occasional red wine drinkers will be more susceptible than those who drink wine regularly.  
Myth 3: Dehydration & Allergies
These last two are sort of lumped together for simplicity, but are separate causes.  Dehydration is common in drinking any alcohol, while allergies to yeast (also present in any fermented drink) can also be a cause.  

There we have it.  A few myths debunked and a little more information for anyone curious about the topic.  

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