Get your Fall Wine!

October is well underway, and with it the Fall Wines are coming out.  Today we have a post on several great fall wines to perfectly fit your cool weather palate.  

The fall is here, and along with it the cooler weather.  I am sad to see the beautiful summer weather behind us, however I love the big bold red wines that go well with the cooler weather and heartier foods we tend to eat this time of year.  Here is a list of wines that will be great for the game, that your friends may bring home from the fall hunting season as well as the stews and soups that are appropriate eats for the fall season.  

Let’s start with couple of wines from the Rhone valley in France, Cotes du Rhone and Chateauneuf du Pape.  These Grenache and Syrah based wines are full and rich with nice fruit on the nose and palate with a dry finish with notes of earth and fresh herbs.  They both pair well with cream of mushroom soup, ratatouille and oven roasted chicken with vegetables.  As for which to choose depends on your budget, Les Garrigues Cotes du Rhone retails for $10.49, and is a lovely wine.  Clot du Mont-Olivet Chateauneuf du Pape retails for $35.99, it is a bit more complex than it’s Rhone cousin,  thus the higher price.  

Another great French wine for the fall is a nice Burgundy.  Wines from Burgundy are Pinot Noir that feature ripe red berries on the nose and palate with a touch of earth, followed by firm tannins, that create a well balanced wine.  Burgundys are elegant wines that pair well with grilled salmon, roast pork, and roasted chicken with a herb cream sauce.  Saint Romain Allain Gras is a great value Burgundy, retailing for $35.99, Burgundy’s are some of the most expensive and age worthy wines around.  

Malbec is another fantastic wine for the fall for it’s ability to pair well with game feasts.  The floral and spice box bouquet, followed by blueberry and black cherry on the palate are sensational.  The dry peppery finish with nice tannins pair perfectly with venison, roast chicken and steak.  Taymente is a great complex Malbec that retails for $12.99 and if you’re more in the mood for a fruitier version of this varietal I recommend Dos Minas, which is the same price.  

Washington State Syrah is one of my personal favorites for the fall.  The ripe plum and blackberry on the nose and palate are well balanced with the earth and spice on the finish with just a touch of pencil shavings.  Boom Boom Syrah from Charles Smith is great, at $18.99.  This wine pairs well with a roasted lamb stew and braised short ribs.  I recommend braising in the wine, delicious.  

For the last wine on my list, I leave my true favorite, Chateau Smith Cabernet Sauvignon.  This wine is tight and focused featuring dark fruit on the nose and palate.  There is a lovely earthiness with a long finish, done in a true bordelaise style.  This wine pairs well with roasted lamb, steak and game.  

Now that the summer is behind us it is time to embrace the fall, and hope that winter doesn’t start to early.  Enjoy all the great seasonal vegetables and meats, but most of all the wines that go with them.  If you’re not sure what work’s always feel free to ask me at or your local wine professional.      

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