Feline Salento Rosso

This mini-post features a truly unique, truly Italian wine from Puglia that is very hard to come by.  The importer calls this wineries production "the smallest of the small."

Felline Salento Rosso is a beautiful ruby red with some darker shades as well.  On the nose it is fruity, with a bit of spice and a floral bouquet.  This is definitely a wine with some silky tannins, and a light mouthfeel. Felline Salento Rosso is produced by Racemi in Manduria, Puglia located near the coastal area at the heel of Italy.  Felline's oldest vines go as far back as 1940.  The philosophy of the wine makers is very much dedicated to the focus on "the research, vinification, and commercialization" of the vineyards of Puglia.  

With complexity and incredible value, these wines are sure to please new wine drinkers and oeniphiles alike. 

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