Talbot Kali Hart Chardonnay

Today we feature an incredibly buttery, beautiful California Chardonnay.  We are excited to share this wine with you as its one of our favorites in our selection.  

Talbott Vineyards Kali Hart Chardonnay is something special.  I am not usually a Chardonnay drinker but when I sampled this one at a tasting I knew I had to get it.  After doing some research on Talbott Vineyards and it’s owner Robb Talbott, it became abundantly clear why the Kali Hart Chardonnay is so outstanding.  

Robb Talbott’s family history is one of hard work and determination to achieve excellence.  This work ethic and determination led him to plant grapes in an area where many thought he would not succeed.  The result is his Diamond T Estate in Monterey County, and after working with fruit from the Sleepy Hollow Estate (18 miles away in Monterey as well)  for years he was able to purchase that land making Talbott an all estate winery.  

The vineyards that Kali Hart Chardonnay come from do not provide easy growing conditions for the vines.  The result is low yields, with outstanding fruit that have great flavor concentration.  These Monterey vineyards are ideal for growing Chardonnay, there is a constant cooling influence from the underwater canyons and the Pacific.  This allows the grapes to ripen over a longer period of time developing great intensity and balance.  Monterey is considered one of the best places on earth to grow Chardonnay and Talbott’s Diamond T and Sleepy Hollow Vineyard’s are considered some of the best in Monterey.  

Kali Hart Chardonnay truly reflects the terroir of vineyards in which it is grown.  After introduction to the glass and a quick swirl I get lush tropical notes on the nose, on the palate I get hints of pineapple and mango with refreshing acidity. The finish is clean with nice minerality, a touch of citrus and plenty of butter from the French oak in which it is aged.  

I love this wine and recommend serving it with butter pan seared sea scallops with a creamy mushroom risotto.  I believe it to be a true value as well coming in under $19.  I hope you enjoy Talbott’s Kali Hart Chardonnay as much as I do.

Happy drinking,

Vino Vin   

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