Great Wine is Everywhere

Ambra Carmignano

What if I told you great, cellar worthy wine was everywhere if you knew where to look.

Recently more friends and customers have shown an interest in cellaring or saving wine to be drunk later on. Cellaring your own wine is actually very easy.  If you have a place to keep it cool, laying on its side away from light, then you are ready to save wine.  There are three benefits to aging wine; first is the wine increases in value, you end up with a bottle worth much more than when you drink it than its initial purchase price.  This is sort of arbitrary when you consider you're not selling it, but all the same its neat to know.  Second is that the wine evolves, becoming richer and more complex changing the taste, something unique to aged wines.  Third is that it ties you to a time and a place forever, creating a lasting memory that you can go back to again and again when you have the same wine.  

One of the gifts my wife and I received for our wedding was a 20 year old Ambra Carmignano, which we shared this weekend with friends and family.  The wine was beyond incredible and appreciated by even non-wine drinkers that tried it.  This to me was the epitome of what aging wine is all about.  

Ambra Carmignano for the current 2012 vintage runs at about $15-$25 a bottle.  At that price you could buy a case and drink one every two years, with the wine continuing to get better.  A lot of people also want to get something they can drink now.  I would urge anyone with the opportunity to buy some older vintage wines, if they are available to simply experience what we are talking about here.  Old or new vintage, phenomenal cellar worthy wines are available at great values if you know where to look.  

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