Matanegra, Ribera del Guadiana

Matanegra is a subregion of Ribera del Guadiana in the southwest of spain.  This region is located 2,100 ft above sea level and has a variety of different soil types which give it a very unique terroir.

Due to Matanegra’s high elevation the temperature varies a great deal, the days are hot and sunny and the nights are cool, the average temperature is a moderate 68 degrees. The high altitude also exposes the region to the cooling breezes of the Atlantic Ocean.  This allows the grapes to ripen slowly giving them intense flavor and color.

Matanegra features three distinct types of soil, clay, limestone and sand.  Tempranillo is the dominant grape planted for it’s ability to adapt and thrive in all three.  This gives the grapes grown in the different soils there own distinct flavor characteristics and the ability to survive through times of heavy rain and drought with proper irrigation. The average rainfall is 21 inches per year.    

The wines from Matanegra are not that well known around the world.  They are a great example of value wines due to their outstanding quality and low price.  Look for the prices to rise in the future as they gain popularity for their excellence.     


Tempranillo Dacu

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