April Spirit Review

American Dry Gin, Greenhook Ginsmiths

Robs Review:

Since spring is here, on the calendar not in weather, I decided to go with Greenhook Ginsmith’s American Dry Gin.  Maybe if I drink enough, it will feel like the warm spring weather is upon us.  

Greenhook’s is a modern day American style gin that is handcrafted in nearby Brooklyn NY.  After years of planning and experimenting Greenhook released their flagship American Dry Gin in 2012 and have since emerged as one of the premier gin artesians in the U.S.  Greenhook Ginsmith’s  use a custom crafted copper pot still along with process called vacuum distillation.  This gives there gin a unique fragrance and smooth vibrant flavor like no other.  

I personally find this to be one of the smoothest gin’s I have ever tried.  There is a blend of herbs and botanicals on the nose and palate that are pleasant and sweet.  The finish is smooth and mellow with hardly a bite.  This isn’t your grandpa’s gin, no need to drown it with tonic.  I think it is  perfect on the rocks, and delicious in any number of cocktails.  

To represent this wonderful spring weather we are having (ha ha). I present you with a refreshing gin cocktail that is sure to please at your first barbecue of the season, a Cucumber Mint Gimlet.

Cucumber Mint Gimlet


3 lime wedges

3 cucumber slices (thin)

7 mint leaves

½ Oz simple syrup (equal parts H2O and sugar)

2 Oz Greenhook’s American Dry Gin

Splash of soda water (seltzer)

Utensils Needed:

Bar Tin


High Ball glass

Bar Strainer


Add lime wedges, cucumber slices, mint leaves, and simple syrup to tin and muddle until the limes have released all of their juice and the cucumber is mashed.  Fill tin ½ way with ice then add gin.  Cap the tin and shake vigorously.  Then fill the highball glass with ice and strain mixture from the tin into the glass and top with splash of soda water.  Garnish with cucumber slice and mint leaf.  Enjoy.   

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