March's Wine Review

Bordeaux Graves Chateau de Landiras 

Dan's Review:

When I opened this wine I knew immediately that we had to feature it- with notes of cherry, herbs, and blackberry on the nose I immediately got the sense I had opened something great.  The Graves Chateau Landiras (Bordeaux) is an incredible value buy- a full bodied, complex wine with a much smaller price tag than you would think when drinking it.  

Graves is a sub-region of Bordeaux located near the Garonne river.  Its terroir is well known for gravely soil which it owes in part to the last major glaciations to go through Europe.  The glaciers left behind gravely soil and quartz deposits, which may both have an impact in the viticulture in the region today. 

The wine itself has notes of both red and dark fruit on the nose and when tasting.  The wine is a deep red, dominantly Merlot followed by Cabernet Sauvignon.  With a little aeration the wine begins soften, opening up to show more of the red fruit in the wine, with some acidity and a nice dry finish.  This is a wine that belongs with food and perhaps one of the best combinations is a poultry dish that has been glazed with a honey or soy and a little citrus to create some contrast.  

At $21.99 this is a wine you can use to impress at a dinner party or to put in a cellar.  


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